On February 25, at the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences of the University of Murcia, a talk was given on carbon emission compensation systems and CO2 markets, which was presented by Professor Federico Martinez-Carrasco, of the department of Applied Economics of the UMU.

Esteban Jordán of Ingenieria del Entorno Natura (IdEN), representing the LIFE FOREST CO2 project and Antonio Soler of Nueva Cultura por el Clima Association, were responsible for transmitting to the participants about the existence of CO2 markets and the possibilities for companies of the Murcia region has the promotion of carbon emission compensation systems.
In addition, the role of forest areas in CO2 markets, and the importance of enhancing their carbon sink function was analyzed.

Finally, participants were informed about the LIFE FOREST CO2 project and the possibilities it offers when taking actions that help mitigate climate change.

Undoubtedly, the conference was an enriching experience for both speakers and participants, as they shared experiences and opinions on the topic discussed and showed great interest on the operation of the LIFE FOREST CO2 project.