LIFE FOREST CO2 project, an European initiative led by the Department of Water, Agriculture and Environment of the Autonomous Community of Region of Murcia, with an available budget of 2.335.417 €, co-financed at 60% by the European Union with € 1,401,223, faced its first external monitoring meeting on June 28th 2016 by NEEMO EEIG-IDOM, the company responsible for monitoring ongoing LIFE projects.

This project, launched in collaboration with the Center for Private Forest Property in France, University of Córdoba, Center for Services and Forest Promotion and its Industry in Castilla y León (CESEFOR), AGRESTA and the Department of Environment of Xunta de Galicia, aims to consolidate Sustainable Forest Management as tools for climate change mitigation, involving in the process forest owners, as well as companies and organizations in sectors not regulated by the emission allowances market to encourage offsetting of their carbon footprint in sustainably managed forests.


The monitoring meeting, which took place at the headquarters of the Office of Socioeconomic Promotion of the Environment (Murcia), and which was attended by members of the technical and administrative team of all project partners, took place in two blocks. During the morning, the partners presented to the person responsible for the monitoring of the LIFE FOREST CO2 project by NEEMO EEIG-IDOM, Elena Gómez-Salazar, the progress of project actions, as well as first results obtained since its beginning in January Of 2016. Also, the external monitor advised the partners on how to carry out project management, gave guidelines and advice to ensure the success of the actions to be developed and achieve the proposed goals and objectives.


During the afternoon, participants visited project plots located in Coto Cuadros (Murcia), on which soil samples were taken, as well as litter and dead matter, which, together with the LIDAR works, will provide more information on the Influence of forest management on carbon sequestration by the various forest stocks.