The LIFE FOREST CO2 project continues to add accessions of companies and organizations from diffuse sectors that take the initiative and decide to act against climate change.

Forestales, Ingeniería y Desarrollos Agroambientales (FS IDEA) has been the last company to join this project, a company with extensive experience dedicated to offering services and technical assistance in the forestry and environmental sector,

FS IDEA has participated in numerous studies and projects that consolidate it as a company involved with the environment, thanks to its high quality work and technical rigor.

Of special interest is the agreement signed between Ingeniería del Entorno Natural as a beneficiary associated with the LIFE FOREST CO2 project and the forestry company Forestales, Ingeniería y Desarrollo Agroambiental SL., It undertakes to apply the methodology developed by the LIFE project FOREST CO2 for forest carbon management with carbon forestry criteria in forest management projects and plans.

Thus, with the contribution of FS IDEA, it will be possible to generate and transfer CO2 credits resulting from these forest management projects, in turn helping other companies and organizations to participate with the LIFE FOREST CO2 project.