In 2016, as every two years since it began its journey in 1992, the city of Madrid hosted the Spanish National Congress of the Environment (CONAMA), which this year celebrated its 13th edition under the motto “The Answer is Green”. This event, which lasted from November 28 to December 1, counted with more than 7,000 attendees and 400 participating entities, thus becoming the main platform at national level aimed at involving all agents in the “improvement knowledge and skills in the defense of the natural environment and biodiversity, the sustainable use of natural resources and the prevention of pollution and climate change”.

LIFE FOREST CO2 project, given the relevance and opportunities of CONAMA, participated actively in the event. On the one hand, project coordinator, Faustino Martínez Fernández, from the Office of Socioeconomic Promotion of the Environment of the Region of Murcia participated in the Technical Session “Carbon sinks and their role for a climate neutrality”, which took place from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. in the morning, where he presented the project as an important carbon sinks project under development in Spain.


Coordinator of the project LIFE FOREST CO2, Faustino Martínez, during his presentation in Technical Session

In addition, we participated with the written communication “Proyecto LIFE FOREST CO2. Impulsando la gestión forestal como pieza clave en la mitigación del cambio climático “, which sets out the main lines of action of the project in relation to the new European normative to achieve the European Union’s climate objectives in the framework of the Paris.

Finally, along with members of Ingeniería del Entorno Natural, on November 29th, we participated in the activity “How to integrate the price of carbon and biodiversity in your business strategy against the Climate change?” and the Session “Green Infrastructure for healthy societies and territories” both of main interest for the development of one of the specific objectives of the LIFE project; promoting the importance of the forestry sector as a tool to mitigate climate change through the calculation, reduction and voluntary offsetting of carbon footprint using as instrument sustainable forest management projects among the unregulated or diffuse sectors.


Lourdes Vicente, of Ingeniería del Entorno Natural in the exhibition area of CONAMA