One of the main objectives of LIFE FOREST CO2 project is to know precisely the net accounting of CO2 emissions and removals as a result of sustainable forest management practices in Pinus halepensis and Pinus pinaster forests. In order to enhance specific knowledge, project team will study carbon stocks (aerial biomass and radicular, organic carbon in soil and carbon accumulated in litter and surface dead matter) in plots distributed throughout Spanish and French territory,


One of the project plots, in Valdeinfierno

Determination of organic carbon in soils, implies an initial phase of sampling in forest. Thus the main partner responsible for this work, University of Cordoba, through the Group of Evaluation and Restoration of Agricultural Systems and Forestry (ERSAF), made a technical visit to Region of Murcia to determine the main target areas for sampling during April 2016. During the visit, which was accompanied by the technicians of the Office of Socioeconomic Impact of the Environment (OISMA) of the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia, the managers selected as optimal the areas included in the following places in the Region of Murcia:

  • Coto Cuadros (Murcia)
  • Sierra de Ricote (Ricote)
  • Valdeinfierno (Lorca).
  • Sierra de Burete (Cehegín)


Joaquín Duque (left) and Rafael Navarro (right) during the visit to determine sample plots in the Region of Murcia

In June 2016, technicians of University of Cordoba moved to Murcia Region to develop fieldwork, which consists in obtaining soil samples in profiles 40 cm deep, through borers (see image below), in masses managed by the CARM of Pinus halepensis to further analysis in laboratory.  Also, tree cores were extracted in order to precise arboreal growth (see image 4) and measurement of the Foliar Area Index (LAI) (see Figure 5), which will help to know the carbon accumulated in forest soils.


Soil sampling borer



Tree cores extraction


LAI measurement

OISMA, which will be responsible for monitoring the carbon stock corresponding to litter and dead matter accumulated in soil, has also begun the development of this action in the Region of Murcia, where the samples are being collected to a further analysis of carbon accumulated due to the influence of forest management.


Soil, litter and dead matter samples, ready to be transferred to UCO laboratories